Baby Wallaby newborn duvet set

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A unique duvet set for a newborn and an elder baby. The set consists of a duvet and changeable linen. Soft and quality duvet is designed to improve the quality of baby’s sleeping, routines of parents: breast-feeding as well as moving a sleeping baby.

General information

  • The duvet has snap fasteners (nickel free) on both sides which enable easy breast-feeding from both sides. After feeding, the carrying of the baby goes smoothly to a cold bed as there is a duvet placed under the baby’s head. This helps the baby to stay asleep.
  • Due to the sleeping bag-like shape, the duvet also calms the baby as the hands of the baby are under the duvet which may be snap fastened and as a result, the baby sleeps more calmly.
  • Also the duvet prevents the baby from turning onto stomach which adds the feeling of safety.
  • The length of the duvet can be easily changed due to several snap fasteners.
  • Linen: 100% cotton.
  • Duvet: fabric 100% cotton and filling 100% polyester.
  • Baby Wallaby branding on the right side.
  • Contains no harmful substances.
  • The product has been IP-protected internationally.

Technical Specs 

  • Dimensions 46x85 cm
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