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Lenka 4ever is an ergonomic & innovative baby carrier that grows with your baby, i.e. it can be adjusted according to baby's growing body size and is suitable for babies from 3 months to about 3-year-olds. You can choose the type of shoulder straps: Standard / Classic: Can be worn without crossing on the back. Wide: Enable crossing on the back.

General information

  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Size: The carrier is fully adjustable and is suitable for babies from 3 months (EU size 62-68) to about 3- year old toddlers (EU size 104)
  • Handmade in Europe 
  • It is fully customizable to exactly fit the baby's size. The width of the carrier can be adjusted very easily by pulling straps located on the front of the backrest just above the hip belt. Just pull the laces down to your baby's size and tie the knot. The height of the backrest is also adjustable and retracted/lowered by retractors at the top of the backrest.
  • Shoulder Straps: Standard / Classic: can be worn without crossing on the back or Wide: can be crossed on the back.
  • Shoulder straps and waist belt have buckles to firmly secure the carrier to the wearer´s body. Buckles have elastic bands attached to prevent them from accidentally opening
  • The carrier comes with a hood, which you can be used to protect the baby from the sun, wind or noise, it is especially useful when the baby falls asleep in the carrier. You can hook the hood to the hooks placed on the shoulder straps.
  • Elastic band situated just under the hood can be tightened and also be hooked on to the shoulder straps which can support the baby's head.
  • Lenka baby carriers meet all the safety requirements for safe and healthy babywearing. All our carriers are completely ergonomic, easy-to-use and extremely comfortable for the baby and the wearer.
  • All Lenka carriers can be used for front & back carry and provide an Ergonomic M-position for optimal development of baby's body.
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