We would like to introduce your dream shopping called My gift wishlist! This has been created especially for you, our parents. You are often very busy and not always being able to afford gifts for your children. When your due date is approaching quickly and you are going through different shops and brands trying to get all the stuff together. Or, your baby shower is coming. Or your baby’s first birthday, christening, or Christmas. And every granny, auntie, mum or friend ask you the famous question “What would you like me to get for you?”

Have you ever thought where to send them to get everything you need, what will make your child incredibly happy and will also be the pleasure for themselves by buying it? Our My gift wishlist is created to be able to fulfill your needs and desires, prepare the necessary list of items for you or your baby. Your friends and family can receive the list and get you something what it's within their budget and something what is already chosen by you. You never get gifts what you have to hide in the wardrobe. Now you pick what is needed or what you like and dream about. The guests will feel relieved that they have managed to get you exactly what you want without wasting their time on time-consuming shopping and wondering if you will like it.

You have to do some quick steps:

1. Log in, click login in the top corner, and Create an account.

2. Click My gift wishlist.

3. Fill in all the blank spaces and click Save.

4. When you create a new list, go to the online shop and begin your dream shopping by choosing the products which you would like to receive. Confirm every item by clicking add to My gift wishlist

5. Publish the list. Your published list can be shared via email.

You can edit your list at any point by going into Your Account and clicking on the product which you would like to edit and by clicking Manage. You can easily remove items from your list, change the quantity or even prioritize to indicate which items are the most important for you.