Leokid footmuff Transformer

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Leokid Footmuff Transformer is designed for kids from 0 to 3–4 years old. It keeps little kids warm and protects them from wind, rain, and snow.

General information

  • Due to its replaceable bottom, Leokid Footmuff Transformer grows with your baby.
  • The footmuff has a central front zipper securely covered with a storm flap.
  • There is a reflective stripe at the front, so the footmuff is highly visible from afar in inclement weather and the dark.
  • Drawstrings adjusting the hood and flaps over slots and zippers leave no chance of your little one feeling the cold.
  • There is an anti-dirt protection cover on the inside of the foot area, so you don’t have to worry about dirty shoes touching the lining.
  • Thanks to the convenient design and universal slots for harnesses, this product is perfect for use in car safety seats, sledges, and any strollers with five-point, three-point or one-piece harnesses. Leokid products are appreciated for their warmth, joy, unique design, and sophisticated details. 
  • Leokid Footmuff Transformer keeps kids warm and protects them from wind, rain, and snow, so they feel comfy in fall, winter, spring, and even in cool summer. 
  • Keeps the warmth even at –25–30 °C.
  • Material:
  • Top: durable fabric (100 % polyether).
  • Bionic-Finish® Eco water-repellent coating.
  • Lining: 100 % polyether.
  • Filling: hypoallergenic bio-down (100 % polyether).

Tehnical Specs

  • Dimensions: 90 x 50 cm / 110 x 50 cm (with the replaceable bottom)
  • Weight: 1,250 g
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