Tactic game Cheese please

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Easy come, cheesy go! Stop those mice! Use the transparent cards to cover the mice and collect cheese tokens, but remember that this game may serve you more than one unexpected course of cheesy surprises!

General information

  • Contents: 4 game board parts + 1 game board frame, 55 cheese cards, 24 plastic shells + 24 cheese discs, 20 paw tokens, sand timer, stickers, rules.
  • The mice are scuttling around on a big block of cheese and it’s your job to cover them before the ravenous cat catches them in the act.
  • Try to cover the mice with the cheese cards, but make sure the whole mouse is hidden!
  • Comes with transparent plastic cheese cards!
  • The game board can be changed to make the game more versatile.
  • Players 2-5
  • Game duration 20+minutes. 
  • Target group age 7+

Technical specs

  • Dimensions 6 x 25 x 25cm (width, height, lenght)
  • Weight 0.66kg
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