Tactic game Choco

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Click the die to find out whether you’re looking for a peanut or a cherry, and turn one of the Choco pieces! The player, who collects the most Choco pieces, wins but the Choco bug can curb your road to victory...

General information

  • Durable plastic game pieces!
  • Easy-to-read rules with an alternative game style.
  • A true children’s game classic! 
  • Contents: 16 playing pieces, 16 card board tiles, dice dome and rules. 
  • Players 2-4 
  • Game duration 25+ minutes. 
  • Target group age 3+ years. 

Technical specs

  • Dimensions 6 x 19.1 x 26.7cm (width, height, lenght)
  • Weight 0.8kg
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