Tactic story game Journy into space

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Roll the dice, and check the number and colour on your Astro board. Try to mark each spaceship’s trail with planet tokens and be the one who shouts “Blast off ” first. This modern classic keeps the players on their toes right to the end!

General information

  • Huge content with Astro board and over 100 Planet tokens!
  • The game play is simple but addictive.
  • The story really comes alive in the game!
  • Contents: 6 Astro boards, 2 dice + stickers, 102 planet token, rules and storybook.
  • Players 2-6
  • Game duration 15+ minutes. 
  • Target group age 4+. 

Technical specs 

  • Dimensions 5.3 x 22 x 22 cm (width, height, lenght)
  • Weight 0.8779kg
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