Tactic Story game Lost & Found!

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Move around the fun fair by spinning the spinner and try to fill your collection board with lost things! A sunny spell lets you go anywhere you like, while cloudy skies send you back to your start space.

General information

  • Promotes simple decision-making skills and strategic thinking.
  • The spinner adds excitement to the game!
  • The detective theme makes the game exciting and extra fun to play!
  • Contents: Game board, 4 game characters + plastic stands, 12 cardboard discs, 4 collection boards, spinner (base + arrow), rules and storybook. 
  • Target group age 4+
  • Players 2-4
  • Game duration 15+ minutes. 

Technical specs

  • Dimensions 5.3 x 22 x 22cm (width, height, lenght)
  • Weight 0.5808kg
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