Wool In Love baby merino sweater Amity with pockets

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Wool In Love sweater has a modest design, suitable for everyday wear as well as for festive occasions. However, it can also be applied as a warm underwear against the body.

General information

  • Merino wool soft and warm sweater.
  • Material: 100% merino wool.
  • Merino wool is soft and this makes it comfortable to wear directly against the body.
  • Merino wool provides warmth, absorbs moisture quickly and dries quickly - this way the child does not get cold.
  • Wearing woolen clothes gives you the safe knowledge that your baby is warm and comfortable.
  • Take good care of this product, so it will last long:
    it is best to wash wool as little as possible
    machine wash is allowed on wool program
    please use wool detergent and dry flat
    iron on medium heat with a lot of steam
  • Wool In Love products are manufactured from start to finish in Estonia.
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